Sinusoidal Signals

  • Complex exponentials and their relationship to sinusoids.
  • Sinusoids scaled by an exponential, growing, decreasing and constant.
  • The difference between discrete frequency and continuous frequency
  • Computing the fundamental period of a sinusoid.

Introduction to MATLAB

  • specifying vectors
  • complex numbers
  • vector operations: transpose, negate, conjugate
  • plotting, plotting signal groups
  • labeling plots

System Properties

  • System linearity (Additivity & Homogeniety)
  • System time (shift) invariance
  • Memoryless Systems
  • Causality
  • Stability (in the BIBO sense)
  • Passive and Lossless
  • Invertibility

Know how to proove a discrete system is either linear or non-linear.
Know how to proove a discrete system is either time invariant or time varying.
Know how to proove a discrete system is BIBO stable, causal or acausal.

Digital Filtering and Convolution Definition
  • Convolution sum
Know how to compute the convolution sum using the tabular method.

Definitions :
  • Impulse response, FIR digital filter, IIR digital filter.
Recognize an FIR filter from a schematic diagram.
Recognize an IIR filter from a schematic diagram.

Properties of convolution:
  • Associativity
  • Distributivity
  • Commutativity

Collections of LTI systems:
  • Know the effect of cascaded LTI systems.
  • Know the effect of parallelized LTI systems.