Lab Student Yunfeng Sui Receives Blue Diamond Award


The Blue Diamond Awards were created in 1988 to recognize technology-based contributions made by Charlotte-area companies and individuals. The awards are sponsored by IT Charlotte, part of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.

On March 27th 2006, 19th annual Blue Diamond Awards was announced and our resident Ph.D. student, Yunfeng Sui, was the winner of the Joanna R. Baker Memorial Graduate Fellowship. This fellowship program  was established by Dr. Baker to recognize and continue her extraordinary vision of interdisciplinary research and the application of information technology to problem solving in the public sector. Each year during the spring semester, the Graduate School, in conjunction with the Joanna R. Baker Foundation, awards this prize to a graduate student who has a commitment to a career that will apply information technology to problem solving in the public sector.

Yunfeng was awarded for his contribution in 2D and 3D image processing. One of his past research topics in 2D image processing was to improve a system that automatically classifies agricultural seeds from digital images of the seeds. His current research is on 3D surface processing for archaeology. Here he seeks to build 3D virtual objects from 3D laser-scan measurements of the real word objects. By processing these models, structures of interest may be extracted from the measured data that address problems such as (1) re-assembling large broken objects (bridges, walls, buildings) in a virtual environment from models of their fragments and (2) recognition of scene objects given measurements of the global scene.

 Congratulations to Yunfeng for receiving this honor which includes a $2,000 scholarship!