Laboratory Acquires new Vivid 910 Non-Contact Digitizer 


 Recently the visionlab has been able to acquire a new piece of lab equipment : a Vivid 910 3D digitizer manufactured by Konica Minolta. This should be a great tool for research and education. Interested readers may read on to know more about this equipment.....

  • Speed - scans in less than one second (Fast Mode)
  • Precision - over 300,000 points with range resolution to 0.0016" (Fine Mode)
  • Simplicity - point and shoot simplicity for consistently excellent results
  • Flexibility - only Konica Minolta offers interchangeable lenses for variable scanning volumes
Ideal for applications like:
  • Quality Control Inspection of production parts (e.g. CAT)
  • First Article Inspection; Tool and Die Verification
  • Industrial Design: capture design studies into CAD database
  • Rapid Prototyping Input
  • Reverse Engineering: create CAD legacy data from master parts
  • 3-D shape capture for Computer Aided Engineering Analysis (CAE and FEA)
  • Machine Vision
  • Medical Applications: Surgical Planning (maxillofacial, dental and orthopedic), orthotics and prosthetics, plastic surgery, anthropometric measurements
  • Archiving: Museums, Artifact cataloging, Archeology, Anthropology research
  • Computer graphics: Animation, Computer Simulations
  • Web content creation/ on-line product database creation

The Main Features of the VIVID 910 are:

1. Easy to Use

No lengthy set-up, warm-up, and calibration process. With Konica Minolta's precision auto focus, there is no need to move the VIVID back and forth or to manually adjust or guess at the optimal focus. And, no manual adjustment for different ambient light conditions.

With Konica Minolta's optional rotating table, you can index the scanned part and capture all sides in one automated process.

2. High Speed

Scan 307,000 points in only 2.5 seconds.
Scan 77,000 points in 0.3 seconds.

3. Portable

The 910 weighs approximately 25 lbs and does not require a host computer. Multiple scans can be saved to the compact flash memory or viewed immediately on the rear-panel's color LCD viewfinder.

4. Flexible

Digitize variable volumes (between 100x80x40mm and 1200x900x400mm) while maintaining precise repeatability. Three lenses (telephoto, medium, wide angle) are standard equipment and are as easy to change as the lens on your SLR camera.
VIVID 910 - Specifications
Resolution and Range of Digitized Volumes (X, Y, Z where x is the horizontal dimension of the focal plane, y is the vertical axis, z is distance from the sensor, units are millimeters), Field of View varies based on distance between VIVID and scanned object.

 near field (@ 0.6 m)far fieldmax resolution (depth)
Tele Lens:111 x 84 x 40 mm460 x 350 x 130 mm (@ 2.5 m)0.039 mm (0.0016")
Mid Lens:196 x 153 x 70 mm830 x 622 x 220 mm (@ 2.5 m) 0.068 mm (0.0026")
Wide Lens:355 x 266 x 92 mm1200 x 903 x 400 mm (@ 2 m)0.090 mm (0.0035")
Type Non-contact 3-D LASER digitizer VIVID 910
Measuring Method Triangulation light block method
Auto-Focus method Image surface Auto-Focus (contrast method), active Auto-Focus
Light-Receiving Lens (Interchangeable) TELE: Focal distance f=25mm
MEDIUM: Focal distance f=14mm
WIDE: Focal distance f=8mm
Scan Range 0.6 to 2.5m (2m for WIDE)
Optimal 3D measurement Range 0.6 to 1.2m
Laser class Class 2 (IEC 60825-1), "Eye safe" Class 1 (FDA)
Laser Scan Method Galvanometer-driven rotating mirror
X Direction Input Range
(Varies with the distance)
111 to 463mm (TELE), 198 to 823 (MIDDLE), 359 to 1196mm (WIDE)
Y Direction Input Range
(Varies with the distance)
83 to 347mm (TELE), 148 to 618 (MIDDLE), 269 to 897mm (WIDE)
Z Direction Input Range
(Varies with the distance)
40 to 500mm (TELE), 70 to 800 (MIDDLE), 110 to 750mm (WIDE)
Precision (Z,Typ.) +- 0.008mm (Condition: FINE mode, Konica Minolta's standard)
Accuracy +- 0.008mm (Condition: FINE mode, Konica Minolta's standard)
TELE X: +- 0.22mm, Y: +- 0.16mm, Z: +- 0.10mm to the Z reference plane (Conditions: TELE/FINE mode, Konica Minolta's standard) 0.3 sec (FAST mode), 2.5 sec (FINE mode), 0.5 sec (COLOR)
Input Time 0.3 sec (FAST mode), 2.5 sec (FINE mode), 0.5 sec (COLOR)
Transfer Time to Host Computer Approx. 1 sec (FAST mode), 1.5 sec (FINE mode)
Ambient Lighting Condition Office Environment, 500 lux or less
Imaging Element 3-D data: 1/3-inch frame transfer CCD (340,000 pixels)
Color data: 3-D data is shared (color separation by rotary filter).
Number of Output Pixels 3-D data: 307,000 (for FINE mode), 76,800 (for FAST mode)
Color data: 640 x 480 x 24 bits color depth
Output Format 3-D data: Konica Minolta format & (STL, DXF, OBJ, AXCII points, VRML)
(Converted to 3-D data by the Polygon Editing Software/standard accessory
Color data: RGB 24-bit raster scan data)
Recording Medium Compact Flash memory card (128MB)
Date File Size Total 3-D and color data capacity: 1.6MB per data (for FAST mode), 3.6MB per data (for FINE mode)
Viewfinder 5.7-inch LCD (320 x 240 pixels)
Output Interface SCSI II (DMA synchronous transfer)
Power Commercial AC power 100 to 240V (50 to 60Hz), rated current 0.6A (when 100Vac is input)
Dimensions 213 (W) x 413 (H) x 271 (D) mm
(8-3/8 (W) x 16-1/4 (H) x 10-11/16 (D) inches
Weight Approx. 11kg (25 lbs)
Operating Environment temperature: 10 to 40 degrees C (50 to 104 degrees F); relative humidity 65% or less with no condensation, Pollution degree: 2, Installation category: II
Storage Temperature & Humidity Range -10 to 50 degrees C (14 to 122 degrees F); relative humidity 85% or less (at 35 degrees C/95 degrees F) with no condensation