This project is joint work with co-PIs Tom Brown and Donald Anderson from the University of Iowa and is a part of a larger P50 CORT grant from the National Institute of Health (NIH), There are two main goals for our research contribution to the project. They are :

  1. To further develop and refine a 3-D puzzle-solving computer algorithm for automated virtual reconstruction of comminuted extremity fractures, given surface and volumetric segmentations of a set of dispersed bony fragments, and given their associated (pre-injury) template surface and volumetric segmentation. The algorithm’s output will be a probabilistically-based estimate of the location (position and orientation) from which each of the measured fragments originated from within the template.
  2. To collaborate in developing methodologies to quantify the amount of tissue disruption occurring during injury, due to motion of fragments from their initial anatomic positions to their (displaced) post-injury positions apparent on CT.