New Thoughts on Old Concepts: Remaking AI Today

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New Thoughts on Old Concepts: Remaking AI Today

Postby arwillis on Tue Dec 08, 2009 12:44 pm

Group Proposes Remaking The Field Of Artificial Intelligence.

Popular Science (12/8, Dillow) reports on "the $5 million Mind Machine Project (MMP), a patchwork team of two dozen academics, students and researchers" who intend to go back to the beginnings of artificial intelligence and rebuild "the field from the ground up." The researchers want "to roll back the clock, fixing early assumptions that are now foundations of the field and redefining what the objectives of AI research should be." They propose, among other things, "discarding the Turing Test," and instead "test for a machine's comprehension of a children's book -- rather than a human's comprehension of another human being -- to gain a better understanding or the AI's ability to process and regurgitate thought."
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