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Hardware Setting

  1. Customize a 26←–>40 pin cable connector;
  2. Connect camera to PPI interface;
  3. All switch on BF537-stamp board set up as default;

Kernel Configuration

The BF537 has a built-in two wire interface (TWI) peripheral and unlike the BF333-STAMP does not require the generic I2C support that is described here. under Customize Kernel Settings:

== Select Blackfin Processor Options ==
 == Select BF537 Specific Configuration ==
    Enable Select BF537/6/4 default GPIO PFx PORTG
== Select Device Drivers ==
 == Select Character devices ==
    Enable [*]  Blackfin BF53x Programmable Flags Driver                                   
    Enable [*]  Blackfin BF5xx PPI Camera frame capture driver
           [ ]  Blackfin BF5xx PPI Driver
 == Select I2C support == 
    Enable  I2C support                                      
    Enable  I2C device interface
    Select  I2C Hardware Bus support
       Enable   Blackfin TWI I2C support

Save and exit menuconfig, don't forget make a new image and reboot BF537 board.

Camera Test Application

The Blackfin PPI supports a number of daughter cards, the PPIFCD being one. However, the PPI Driver will conflict with the PPI Camera frame capture driver if both are enabled. You will see this in the kernel log (i.e., dmesg) when the PPI drivers try to register the same major number for the char device.

Below are some configuration settings for the BF533 and BF537 STAMP boards. To get either of the programs mentioned above built, specify the following:

under Customize Vendor/User Settings
== Select Blackfin test programs == 
      Enable  PPIFCD test program

== Select Blackfin canned demo == 
   Enable  CGI based Test Application for the PPI Frame Capture Driver

On BF537-stamp board use command

bf537> ppifcd_test -b 537 picture.bmp
bf537> fcd&

To capture image with connected camera.

Use tftp to upload captured image to PC for preview, tftp command:

tftp -p -r picture.bmp
ifconfig eth0 netmask up
route add default gw

For more details,please refer to following links:

if your network chip does not work very well in the on-board linux systerm look up this website

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