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ImageRover is an java application written with the explicit intent of providing an open source data visualization and processing platform. The application is plugin-centric which means that the core program only provides a small set of functions. The sole purpose of these functions is to provide an api by which algorithms may accept data as input or generate data as output. Data may then be visualized using other visualization plugins which transform data streams into outputs capable of plotting (1D and 2D), displaying (images), or rendering (3D surface data and volumetric data).

The application is structured after Java's generic URL resource processing framework which allows for processing input data which may be either local, i.e., on the local hard disk, or remote, i.e., available on a network server or possibly the worldwide web.

A particular emphasis is placed on the capability to perform batch processing, i.e., to run a plugin on an arbitrary number of inputs or in a pre-defined sequence. This is particularly useful in contexts involving large and possibly unstructured datasets. This is particularly applicable to data mining and inference into very large databases.

ImageRover depends upon the Java Native Access libraries to capture streaming video from ieee1394 cameras within java. This functionality is only available to those using the libdc1394 which is a linux driver for such cameras. Details on these drivers are available Libdc1394.

Compiling ImageRover

To compile and run ImageRover you need two things:

1. the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.5 or later available at Sun's Java Webpage 2. the Java Native Access libraries available at The Java Native Access (JNA) Project Homepage

If you install java and run the program from the website, the required libraries listed in (2) will be downloaded and installed automatically.

If you wish to download and install these libraries yourself make sure you follow the installation instructions. This typically involves placing .dll files (Windows) or .so files (linux / UNIX) in the JRE lib/i386 folder and possibly the JRE bin folder (Windows). Also the .jar files need to be placed in the JRE lib/ext folder.

Loading Resources

The program is structured to be able to load resources from a generic URL. One may specify a URL via the File→Open Web Resource tab. Currently there are two supported URL types. A standard http web location, e.g.,, or a local location, e.g., local:home/usr/arw/online/data. Local locations are accessible as a file within the directory structure of your computer hence the term local. ====== Interaction ====== Currently, there are two primary levels of interaction : - Interaction with images, i.e., pixel data. - Interaction with 3D point and surface mesh data. Interaction with image data is performed within the ImageRover window. Interaction with 3D point and surface mesh data is performed in a separate 3D window. These interactions are identical to those in sharp although the list of available operations and functions are quite different.

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