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  1. Find your afs directory using the find program (root# find /afs/* | grep <your MOSAIC username>). Below is the result for me:
arwillis@visionlab03-pc:~$ find /afs/* | grep arwillis
  1. Now create a symbolic link to your MOSAIC files
user$ cd ~/Desktop
user$ ln -s /afs/ mosaic
  1. A folder on your desktop will now appear linked to your MOSAIC directory.
  2. Remember to authenticate yourself to MOSAIC to read from or write to this directory. Below is an example of where I authenticate myself to MOSAIC.
arwillis@visionlab03-pc:~$ kinit
Password for arwillis@UNCC.EDU: 
arwillis@visionlab03-pc:~$ aklog
  1. Or you can use the mosaic path lookup assistant page to find your afs directory.
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